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High Gravity Media

spacemonkeycreative is a conscious, visual, creative production agency specializing in luxury filmed, photographed and digital transmedia with high gravity.


Authentic Brand Identity ( 79% )

Transmedia & Web ( 89% )

Photography Design ( 99% )

Commercial Film Production ( 100% )


We are futurists anticipating Utopia. We are a generation of conscious creatives, who have ridden the wave from film to digital, without wiping out. While imagery has proliferated and become more disposable and point and shoot prowess has lowered the bar to media-making entry… We, as life-long committed media creators, have raised our expectations of what valuable & authentic content must provide the modern audience, in exchange for their attention. The hard sell is dead. We envision and create a new kind of advertising that offers value & reciprocity to the viewers. We are here to help create brand communications that contribute to the human experience. 


Our tribe

James Barnard

Partner | Creative Strategy

James brings immersive intensity of focus to creative strategic brand building through his deep understanding of organic and digital synergy.

Johann Wolf

Founder | Executive Creative Director

As founder and creative head, Wolf brings decades of agency CD experience combined with a lifetime of film and photo production. The result is spacemonkeycreative.

Ralf Drechsler

Head of Post Production

Owner and creator of the three best post production houses in Germany including Acht Imaging and Uncle Berlin, Ralf has all of our high end post requirements covered.

Eric Peterson

Apps | Games | Audio | Production

Seton Kim

Creative Direction | Motion Design

Dennis Mukai

Art Direction | Illustration

Mukai brings a rich history of fine art that informs his ability to apply knowledge of the contemporary digital applications with classic wisdom and simply good taste.

James McEachen

DP | Producer

Joshua Penmann

Music Composition | Sound Design

Joshua  has scored multiple feature films. For commercials he brings his unique synthesis of classical and future forward sounds to the edge of freshness.

Stoeps Langensteiner

DP | Producer

Heidi Arriza

Graphic Design

Z. Leslie Cabarga

Art Director | Designer | Copywriter

Writer & Creator of  well known book The Logo, Font & Lettering Bible, Cabarga is as detail oriented with his copy as he is with his art direction and design.

Erik Lunde

Copywriter | Web Marketing

Translating more than 10 years of experience in scriptwriting, production, and music composition for films, commercials, educational and corporate media into top-notch internet marketing for destination properties and related clients. I begin by conducting deep analysis and market surveys to comprehend core of client’s past success, identify pain points, determine a new path, and then collaborate with in-house teams to find the fresh message and image that will guarantee growth. I develop all web and media assets, create campaigns and PR outreach strategies, and offer well-targeted marketing through SEO copywriting, comprehensive internet marketing, stellar video, and gorgeous photography. I oversee diverse creative teams from consultation, hiring, creation, presentation and delivery phases. I possess excellent project management and budgeting skills and specialize in Strategic Consulting, Brand Development, Market Research, Copywriting, SEO Keyword Research, SEO copywriting and Creative Direction.

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Our Services

We create transformational resonance by organizing and orchestrating the highest quality frequencies of light and sound that affect human beings in profound ways.

Concept & Ideation

This starts with listening, discovery and research that results in idea seeds. We then develop multiple interwoven trajectories to determine which seeds are the most robust and fruitful, then we fertilize and encourage these to bloom in the form of concepts, designs, scripts and storyboards

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Next we develop these sprouting concepts and beging to test the integrity. During this phase we begin to explore what style choices best serve the message and what executional factors will affect or be affected by these choices.

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When we take your project into production the primary creative work is done. We now simply execute the decisions we have collectively made in the most efficient and enjoyable manner. When we’ve done everything right, production is a confident and luxurious process running like clockwork.

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Post Production

Putting the puzzle together in editorial, telling the story with nuance and grace, grading the colors to perfection and bringing it to life with effects designed to exacting specifications. The beautiful blossoms bear succulent fruits when we add the music and perfect the final mix.

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  • “It’s wonderful how the general progression of disruption mirrors survival of the fittest. Today’s new survival tools…”

    @spacemonkyfilm – September 13, 2016

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Location Vocation Vacation

Our studio is in the most cosmopolitan and connected boonies on earth. Located in downtown Ojai California we enjoy being just 62 miles north of Los Angeles, in the mountains, near the beach and far enough away to feel like another world, yet close enough to enjoy the largest media resource pool on the planet. We enjoy the relative privacy our studio offers with abundant access to the best locations including 2 large sound stages and a back lot just 10 minutes away and a third only 20 minutes away. Our global nature keeps us connected with creative and technical resources and production partners world wide.

It’s paradise here in the California Dream, and  you will love it as much as we do.

Ojai California

105 South Montgomery Street

Ojai California 93023

[email protected]


+1 ( 805 ) 272 0117

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